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I spent 45 minutes in a clinic waiting room yesterday. (Nothing worrying; we were there for travel vaccines.)

Waiting rooms are usually, by definition, boring. But I found three things that made me glad of the wait:

1) A brochure for local foot reflexology and Indian head massage. Ooh, my two favorite bits of massage, available without having to completely disrobe! I don’t have anything against being naked, but I find the steps of getting undressed and dressed again to be added efforts, while skipping them would make the whole experience more relaxing. Just come as you are, sit down, enjoy!

2) A “Missing Person Abroad” brochure that is very, very specific about what to do, and what the UK government can do, should someone go missing while travelling. The plot gears in my mind are turning already…

3) This sad, inspriring newspaper story about a sick child’s short life made happy, framed on the wall.

Much more stimulating than a stack of magazines.


Recent true crime in my neighbourhood:

Museum Heist!

Escaped criminal and ensuing police chase across the city!

That second one we partly witnessed yesterday, but we didn’t know exactly what was going on at the time. We speculated “car bomb,” because of a white van that everyone seemed to be giving a wide berth, and “student attempted suicide” because of the nearness of several colleges and the current exams.

Very, very relieved that no one was hurt.

Hope the museum gets their stuff back.

From “Envoy” by Billy Collins, a message to his just-published book:

"stay out as late as you like,
don't bother to call or write,
and talk to as many strangers as you can."