Emily Winslow is an American writer living in Cambridge, England, author of the Cambridge-set crime novels THE WHOLE WORLD, THE START OF EVERYTHING, and, coming in February 2015, THE RED HOUSE.

I started this blog to aggregate all the info and resources I was finding useful, and to record my experience crossing the line from unpublished to published.

When I got my book deal, I started a newsletter (going out about every two months) to capture all the details and discoveries of moving into the professional arena. A lot of it was about the editing process, and some about meetings and lunches. Hard work and glamour, pretty much, covering 2 years. It was just for my friends.

Now that I’m shifting into public mode, it seemed fitting to go public with the account of this part of the process. It’s starting out as a personal record for myself, both a kind of diary, and a reference for all the bits and bobs I’m finding helpful. I hope that in the future it will be helpful to others.

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