I haven’t yet had the courage to listen to the audiobooks of my novels. (I also haven’t yet had the courage to look inside the published hardcovers, so it’s not about the performances. I’m just very shy of seeing or hearing my words in a state where I can’t change them anymore. It’s as bad as watching myself on videotape! *cringe*)

What I have done is google all the actors involved. Here they are, in order of appearance:

Connor Kelly-Eiding (Polly in The Whole World)

Connor is a mystery. The only public photo I was able to find of her is as a clown called Peking Duck. So, here it is! Connor Kelly-Eiding as Peking Duck in the Hollywood Fringe Festival, 2012:

From left to right Connor Kelly-Eiding as PEKING DUCK, Dave Honigman as TOM and Lis Roche Vizcarra as LORETTA.

Philip Battley (Nick in The Whole World)

From his website, I see that Philip was recently in a Lifetime movie called “Layover.” (Don’t you think that title calls for an exclamation mark? Layover! ) As a Lifetime movie addict suffering withdrawal out here in the UK (the free movies on Lifetime’s website only play in the States), I am delighted to see that it will soon be out on DVD (under the much-less-fun title “Abducted,” which would also benefit from an exclamation mark). Philip has also performed Shakespeare at The Globe, so his life seems to be pretty awesome. Jealous!

John Mawson (Morris in The Whole World)

His website tells me that John “has a reputation on stage and on screen as an authoritative, intelligent performer with a fine dry wit” and also that he has acted in several “Funny or Die” sketches. This past year he wrote and starred in the short film “6 years, 4 months & 23 Days.” He has played Sherlock Holmes on stage to adoring reviews, so I count myself lucky that I get him to read the role of my detective.

Jane Carr (Gretchen in The Whole World)

Jane Carr Picture

IMDB describes her as “she with the close-set eyes, lilting voice, trowel jaw and bubbly disposition.” Highlights from her resume include: a teenage role in The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie with Vanessa Redgrave on stage and with Maggie Smith on film, numerous productions with the Royal Shakespeare Company, Olivier nominations, and, interestingly, “body double and voice actress of “Tabitha Lenox” on the daytime soap drama “Passions” when actress Juliet Mills took a brief hiatus.” An intimidating width and breadth of work that fits well for the intimidating personality of Gretchen!

Robin Gwynne (Liv in The Whole World)

“Rubber-voiced Robin Gwynne, comedic actress and one-time bikini model, blends funny and sexy in a quirky twist on the tried and true Hollywood formula.” She’s guest-starred on lots of TV shows, like Grey’s Anatomy, Samantha Who?, and Pushing Daisies. “Quirky” sounds ideal for the role of Liv, and “one time bikini model” sounds like Liv’s unfulfilled fantasy, so, perfect!

Sile Bermingham (Mathilde, Chloe and Grace in The Start of Everything)

Sile Bermingham Picture

Her lovely Gaelic name is pronounced “Sheila,” which she is probably very tired of having to explain. Her recent films include a moody, Canadian-set serial killer movie “A Kiss and a Promise” and the heist film “2:22.” So, lots of experience with crime stories.

Stephen Hoye (Morris and George in The Start of Everything)

Stephen did a lot of stage and TV in the seventies and eighties, switched over to non-profit fundraising, then got his start as an award-winning narrator of audio books from a chance meeting with a producer in an elevator. So, he must be charming as well as talented! He says in an Audiofile interview that he learned to love audio books when he “became a commuter.” Ha! Amen.

I’m extremely lucky that these talented people have read my words aloud. Thanks to each one of them!

You can hear their work by buying the books here:

The Whole World

The Start of Everything