Well, so far I do love it. Standing for too long, however, ends up hurting my feet (we’re in bare feet around the house, so it’s not a shoe thing).

Attempted solution: I keep a butt-height piece of furniture behind me, to alternate leaning and true standing. This gives just enough periodic relief to my feet to keep me going. The key is that I don’t properly sit with my legs bent or dangling; I just lean, with legs still straight, still holding me up, just with some of the pressure off. This makes it easy, and natural, to return to true standing after a bit of relief. This back-and-forth is just part of the natural fidgeting and weight-shifting that makes standing to work more active.

What do I recommend as a butt-height piece of furniture, you may ask? Well, if I were buying, I’d look for a bar stool type thing. What I actually used, however, is a piece of exercise equipment I don’t know the name of. I got it after giving birth, to help my abs and back get back into shape. It was right there, so I grabbed it. It’s great. I think the edge of a desk or table could work, too. Whatever you use, it has to have a really steady base.

True confession: I’m writing this from my old glider-and-footstool combination, because I’ve just taken a migraine pill and feel AWFUL. Still recovering from jet lag? Still recovering from being sick on the plane and for a week after? Whatever it is, I hope to be back on my feet soon.