I’ve been sitting far, far too much. Recent studies show that sitting for long periods (LIKE WHEN WRITING) is unhealthy. Sure has been for me.

I’ve chickened out of getting a hardcore “treadmill desk.” I think the walking would be too distracting.

But here I am, with this lovely version of a standing desk. It’s more of a laptop stand than a proper desk, but that’s really all I need.

The theory is that I’ll now work standing up. In fact, I’m standing up right now 😉

Already I’m doing that rocking, weight-shifting thing that is supposed to be so much healthier than being still.

I chose this over a properly desk-like standing desk for a few reasons. Number one is that I have a laptop so that I’m not tied down to any one room. I can easily move a stand with me in a way that I wouldn’t be able to move a piece of furniture. Number two, most of those desks don’t have a tilt option. With this, I can angle the laptop towards me, which is more comfortable for typing. Third, it has a wide range of adjustable heights. Because I was ordering this online and wouldn’t have a chance to try it out, I wanted to have options. If I find I need papers beside me, I can just grab a music stand (we have a couple in use around the house).

As far as other laptop stands go, many of the others I found were on wheels. Yes, those wheels are lockable, but it still made me nervous. Also, many of them are primarily for projectors, as opposed to this one, purpose-built for laptops. Lastly, it had great reviews, was only £100, arrived two days after I ordered it, and was assembled in less than fifteen minutes.

I’ve only just unpacked it, but so far I’m very pleased.

I’ll report back in a few weeks if I’m able to do all my work this way, or only part, or if it drives me crazy.

Chair will still be there for me when I need him.