This is interesting!

I just got the copyedit of my next book, and it’s a completely different experience. When I copyedited The Whole World (about two years ago, I guess) it was done entirely by hand: a printout had been marked up and then Fed-Ex’d to me, for me to mark up in pencil and Fed-Ex back.

The copyedit I just received for The Start of Everything, however, is electronic! I got it this week over email. The edit uses “track changes,” but, instead of “accepting” or “rejecting” the changes, I’m to accept by ignoring, and reject by adding a comment balloon with the word “stet.” (In editing by hand, I would have rejected something by writing “stet” in the margin.)

Two years ago I was amazed that copyedits were still done by hand. Now I kind of miss it! I was looking forward to holing up at a coffee shop again, with a logpile of new pencils…