Status: playroom, living room, dining room, basically sorted. They’re still untidy, but untidy with things we actually use, as opposed to unsorted piles. Much more comfy!

The front hall:
Organize socks/winter gear/bags/tennis stuff/etc into boxes/drawers.
Measure success by an empty bench and empty (but for shoes) floor!
Status: complete.

Child’s goal: clear out the Art Table (in the dining room). Status: success! He got rid of the YEARS of old drawings he had been saving, and we culled the supplies down to those we will actually use. Now there is space to actually draw at the table, which is handy in an art table, don’t you think?

Big project:
Have the children collect ALL their clothes from all over the house and sort them in the front hall. Treat these piles as a shop; be picky about what clothes will return to their rooms. Clothes that will have future use (for a different age, etc.) can go into underbed boxes.

Status: Complete! Except for the giveaway part. I’ve stockpiled all the good-but-we-don’t-want-it-anymores into a guest room. Out of the way is good enough for now! Nice that everything in their drawers fits them.

Aaahh–feels good, just like a nicely edited manuscript.