I’m at that stage polishing up book 2 that I’m chasing down experts to make sure I’ve used the right specialist vocabularies throughout. I’ve been speaking with (well, emailing) astrophysicists and a lock-keeper, et cetera. To ensure that I’ve accurately described the seasonal levels of a local waterway, I emailed a geologist.

He was very friendly, and mentioned that it was a funny thing to be asked about a crime novel, because he is actually a forensic geologist. I replied that I think I had attended a lecture of his, about forensic geology in the solving of the famous Soham murders. He replied that, no, that was a *different* local forensic geologist. But, his wife had been a forensic *archaeologist* on that case.

How fantastic to live in the city where there are multiple forensic geologists, and even a forensic archaeologist! I didn’t know such jobs existed.