Summer resolutions continued: Not a bad start!

The playroom has been nicely upgraded, after two lawn-and-leaf bags of rubbish went out, and a big pile of giveaway (mostly the plastic flotsam of toddlerhood) shifted to the guest room for now. The remaining contents of the “toy room” and toy closet are now pared down and nicely organized, the playroom itself is now empty of toys except for the Lego and the Wii (both in regular use). Aaaah–I feel free!

This week’s project:

1) Collect all the toys/books/clothes/papers that are cluttering the living room and dining room; put them where they belong (library for books, toy room for toys, laundry room for clothes–yes, my kids leave their clothes all over, and, lastly, papers into rubbish/filing/my work pile).

2) Pare down the contents of the library (and playroom table, top of file cabs). Sort out the books that I won’t read again, or that my kids won’t read, into the guest room for eventual giveaway. Same with videos, DVDs, CDs, tapes (yes, tapes–for the rubbish, I suppose), puzzles and games. That should make enough room that what’s left can be properly organized on the shelves, instead of spilling over into piles and boxes as now.

About exercise, cooking and dressing up:

2 long walks instead of driving/bus.
1 workout session on the Precor (elliptical cross trainer)
1 workout session on Wii Fit Plus (expert bicycle–buckets of sweat, a real workout!)

Hair/makeup/nice clothes twice. I find this goal at odds with the exercise goal. Once I’ve dressed up, I don’t want to exercise and mess it up.

Cooking: not much. I cooked for the boys, but not for me. A couple of invitations out, so didn’t cook at home then.

Onward to week 2!