I despise these pens:

Papermate KV2

Instead of clicking the top to both extend and retract the writing nib, you have to click the top to extend, and click the clip to retract. Why? Why why why? There’s no advantage; it’s just confusing.

Worse, though, is that the retraction mechanism in the clip makes it impossible to slip the clip over a piece of paper, which is the clip’s entire point. Any attempt the slide the pen into place over a piece of paper, notebook cover or magazine page will tear the page.

In sum: they tear my papers, swim around unfindably in the bottom of my bag because I can’t clip them to anything, and took me literally weeks to figure out how to operate (at first we thought they were broken and just had to stay open: so add to my grievances that they wrote all over the inside of my bag).

Boo, hiss! Papermate, what were you thinking??