My sweetheart does a lot of great things.

My favorite “husband of a writer” story is the time the disk I’d been saving a project on wasn’t recognized by the computer. I called him at work to ask his advice. He said, “I’ll be right home,” and indeed showed up shortly thereafter *with a computer from work in his arms.* He tested the disk in the alternate computer. No luck. The disk was unreadable; the project was lost.

So he TYPED THE ENTIRE MANUSCRIPT BACK IN for me while I read aloud from the most recent printout.

This story has two morals:
1) Always backup your work.
2) Marry someone wonderful.

What did he do this weekend? Because he’s heading off on a business trip shortly, which will leave me on 24-hour single parenting duty for the rest of the week, he took the kids for two straight days so I could write/edit in prep for a phone call with my editor tonight. AND he made a fantastic homemade soup.

Happy birthday, sweetheart. I’m know how lucky I am.