Open Office is driving me crazy. Or maybe Word is driving me crazy. I use Open Office, but most of the annoyances therein are the result of imitating Word, so maybe this is too.

So I select, say, a sentence, and delete it by typing a replacement sentence. That, to me, is a single action. If I “undo” it, I want the new sentence to go back to being the old sentence. One action. Maybe two, if you want to count the addition of the new sentence as an action, and the deletion of the old sentence as another action.

But no! Open office treats EVERY WORD AND EVEN SPACES AS SINGLE ACTIONS. Not kidding. One sentence can require something like 10 or 20 separate undos. A paragraph can require so many undos that the history runs out and I can’t get to the point of getting the previous sentence/para back (because it only comes back when you undo the very first letter of the replacement).

C’mon, people. This is ridiculous. At best, it should use the same technology my cheap cell phone does. When I text (which is rare; I loathe texting), my phone recognizes that three quick clicks on the 2 button means the letter C, while three clicks with waiting in between each means AAA. Why can’t Open Office consider a sentence banged out quickly with no pausing as a single action? That really seems sensible to me.