Things I can’t get in England that I miss:

1) Large containers of pain relievers. Because large bottles of headache medicine can be used for suicide, they’re forbidden. You can only get these tiny packs, and even then only buy one at a time. I’m curious to know if this actually reduces suicide; if it does, then of course my inconvenience is nothing in comparison. But it really is annoying to have to go out shopping with a headache because someone else in the house had a headache last week! Solution, of course, is to stock up every time one goes shopping. (Real solution: stock up in the States 😉

2) Cheap pens. Man, pens are super expensive here.

3) Pocket folders. You know what I mean: a folder that opens like a book, and has a pocket on each side? To hold papers? Well, you know what I mean if you’re American. In Ryman’s and other shops here I’ve only been able to find folders without pockets (which everything will just fall out of), or pockets that aren’t folders (just big giant pockets). How can they not have pocket folders? I have such happy memories of buying fresh Trapper Keepers every fall…

4) Springy sponges. Typical UK sponges fall apart very quickly. Large-pored US sponges last a long time and kind of spring back into shape when you squeeze the water out of them. My mother brings them when she visits us because she helps out with the dishes and can’t stand the UK ones. Neither can I! Mom, now you know what I want for Christmas 😉