This hilarious post about “a lot” v. “alot” was linked to in a lot of writerly places, and well it should be. It got me hooked on the site it came from, Hyperbole and a Half.

A recent post, called “The Party“, is a superbly told story. I don’t want to think too hard about it, because analyzing humor can really squeeze the fun out of it, but one thing really stands out to me: Look where it starts; look where it ends. That last sentence is utterly perfect, and leaves 90% of the experience up to the reader’s now-primed imagination.

I’m betting most people would START the story where this telling ends. At the very least, they would keep going. (And, in my opinion, lessen its impact.)

Structure is one of the most important aspects of story, at least as important as the words. I used to feel guilty over the time I spend experimenting with what scenes to include and designing their order, because it doesn’t result in any word-count progress. It feels weird to work for hours and end up with no pages to show for it.

I’m feeling less guilty now.

PS–This is SO FUNNY.