I’m failing at Twitter.

I just don’t grok it.

Other authors assure me they have all sorts of relationships and conversations on it. I have no idea how to make that happen.

When I read it, I just see out-of-context snippets. When I write something on it myself, what I’ve said just seems to fade away, unheard.

Option A: Twitter is not for everyone. Just drop it.

Option B: Get good at it!


ETA: These are two tweets that I want to remember–good times!

It turns out that lifting latent fingerprints is a lot harder than it looks. 6:12 PM Apr 25th via web
(That was at a crime scene class at a local manor house–and, really, lifting prints was NOT simple!)

I asked the hairdresser to give me “Desperate Housewives” layered waves. She thought I meant “REAL Housewives” and gave me BIG hair–eek! Wed Jun 23 18:50:19 2010 via mobile web
(This was getting my hair done for a local TV interview. I attacked the result with a comb in the car–I *think* it came out okay…)