Last scheduled promotional thingie finished!!

This week, a photog and interviewer came to our house to do an “at home” piece for a regional mag.

We cleaned like crazy. My husband protested that NO ONE lives in a house as neat as I forced it to be, and is horrified to give the impression that we have a live-in maid. For the record, for my sweetheart’s peace of mind: World, we have no live-in maid! In fact we live in squalor most of the time! But, I do tidy up for photogs 😉

The other scary thing was that, unlike the last time a photog came to our house, *I* had to be in these photos too!

I chose a crisp white shirt with a nice collar, assuming we would mostly be doing face-area photos. In fact, that’s what I assumed we were doing when we were in the midst of it until the photog announced approvingly that that the cat had wandered into the shot. At my feet!!!!!!!!!!

Look, the middle of my body is not the most flattering part. And that “crisp white shirt with the nice collar” bunches up around my middle. *worries*

Ah well–I’m darned lucky anyone wants to mention my book in a magazine at all! *Thanks*, Cambridgeshire Journal!