The award for “person at one of my book events who I hadn’t seen in the longest time” goes to Miss Ianetti, who last taught me 30 years ago. Back in the day she had that perfect long, straight seventies hair and FANTASTIC frosted eyeshadow. Now she looks like she hasn’t aged at all, just updated through the decades.

Or maybe now that I’ve aged myself, I see the fact that we’ve all aged the same amount as not having aged at all.

What do you think?


...and 17 years later, at Words in New Jersey

At Vroman's last month

...27 years ago

...18 years ago

...24 years ago

In 1976...


2010 at The Learned Owl in Ohio

Fab 1987 hair!

...and now, at book club in Portland Maine

I'm hugely embarrassed that I don't have a 'before' picture for this dear friend, whose older brother was best friends with my older brother, and with whom I shared many childish memories, such as experimenting with microwave cooking when microwaves were new, and spinning in my dad's desk chair until we felt sick. How can this be?? But I really like this 'now' picture, taken at a book party!