G has taken the boys to the aquarium with friends. I phoned him three times to report:

1) At Borders in Sunnyvale, I learned that today is the day my book is no longer “new.” After three weeks on the front table, it is now shelved in “Fiction and Literature,” presumably not just here but across the country. When we went to find copies for me to sign, we discovered it face-out and eye-level already. We have the pretty cover to thank for that bit of luck.

2) At Barnes and Noble in San Jose, it has sold out. Hope they order more! The man who looked it up for me on the computer seemed pretty impressed by its distribution. That’s good to know–I’m totally in the dark about how many places are carrying it, and in what amounts.

3) I passed by the street my sweetie lived on long ago when we were engaged. I wanted nothing more than to fling open that apartment door, find him there, and make out on the couch.