Harriet Klausner is Amazon’s most prolific reviewer. Can she possibly read all the books she reviews? Doubtful. At least she’s generally positive. (Her relentlessly four and five star reviews make her opinion less credible, but at least she’s not attacking books.)

My time has come: the Harriet Klausner review of The Whole World has hit the internet. In addition to Amazon (on which it has not yet appeared, but no doubt it eventually will), she posts to many, many other sites. It’s everywhere.

I’m not going to link to it, because it contains major spoilers that I think will harm the experience of reading the book. But I will say: she has clearly read it!

Note to self–the wisteria over the wall of Sidney Sussex college is in bloom. I always forget what time of year that happens; now I can just look up the date on this post 🙂