My publicist is working hard to drum up reviews and attention. But who knows which sources will actually mention my book, and what their opinion will be? I have no control over that.

I’m working on the media that I can control. The common (and excellent) advice to novelists is to find some non-fiction hook for articles and profiles. My book is set in Cambridge, England, and I moved here from the States four years ago, so “an American in England” is my thing. I’ve made offers to write articles on that theme to key places.

This is what I’ve secured so far:

  • Deadly Pleasures (quarterly mystery review print magazine)
    An interview with Cambridge bookseller Richard Reynolds in the July issue.
  • Anglotopia (website and blog)
    Cambridge travel tips, posting weekly for the month of June.
  • Games (monthly print magazine)
    A profile of my father, a game inventor, and of my years as his assistant and later as a logic puzzle designer, which will be in the August issue, hitting newsstands in June.

Each of them will mention my book in my credit, and they’re all clustered around June, when my book will be recently on sale.

I’ve submitted ideas a few other places, and am waiting to hear. My grad school’s newsletter is printing an essay I wrote about Cambridge museums, but, weirdly, the alumni magazine of my undergraduate college is a completely closed door.

As writers, what have you put out into the media and did it have an impact? As readers, what in the media besides reviews has brought you to a new book or author?

ETA: A Mystery Scene “new books essay” is now in my line-up as well! 🙂