04/19/2010 10:56 AM

That darned Icelandic ash cloud!

The London Book Fair is this week, and is still going forward despite the lack of air travel into Europe. Lots of foreign rights deal are brokered at LBF, so this is a big loss. I was going to meet my agent there tomorrow–alas, she’ll not be there. (If you don’t already know, a volcano in Iceland has spewed an ash cloud over Europe that is dangerous to plane engines. No flights in or out of Europe for days.)

Export Info

So far, all my book launch info has centered around America. I finally have news for this side of the ocean!

Random House US has decided to export THE WHOLE WORLD to the UK, with an on-sale date of July 1.

I’ll be having a book launch party at Heffer’s in Cambridge in early July, followed the next week by participation in Bodies in the Bookshop, an annual crime fiction event, also at Heffer’s. I’ll let you know more as details develop.

Apparently, there is a niche market for Cambridge-set fiction first editions. Who knew?? I just found out from Heffer’s bookseller Richard Reynolds that collectors have already started placing orders.

I have a blog now! https://emilywinslow.wordpress.com

It’s both a kind of diary of crossing the line between unpublished and published, and also a reference of the various promotional tips and resources I’ve been compiling in conversation with other authors. The early entries are on promotional topics such as Facebook, Amazon, Goodreads. etc. I’m equally interested in reader comments as writer ones; if you have any opinions on the subjects, I hope you’ll stop by and say something. New posts will go up regularly.

With reviews completely out of my control, I’ve been busy trying to control what media I can. This is what I’ve got coming in print:

A profile of Cambridge bookseller Richard Reynolds in the July issue of Deadly Pleasures mystery review quarterly.
A profile of me and my dad as game inventors/puzzle designers in Games magazine’s August issue (on newsstands in June).
An essay about Cambridge museums in my grad school museum professions newsletter in May.

And this is what’s scheduled online:

A series of Cambridge travel tip posts on Anglotopia in the month of June.
A guest post at Quest for Kindness.
A guest post and giveaway at Free Book Friday.
And, of course, my usual Monday posts at The Debutante Ball http://www.thedebutanteball.com

I have hope for a few other things; will let you know if they come through.

Powell’s Books says about THE WHOLE WORLD:
“Dealing deftly with themes of escape and rejection, Winslow announces her arrival as a dynamic voice on the literary landscape. Her elegantly plotted mystery follows five unforgettable characters and examines the seismic consequences of collected trauma.”

Isn’t that nice!

Absolute Write, a wonderful online community, has put my book cover up in the topmost ad space, which means it’s the first thing you see on literally every page of their active discussion forums. This space is specifically reserved for community members’ books, and I’m honored to be there. It’s also kind of initimidating. On the day it went up, I couldn’t face visiting the site at all. Becoming a “public person,” even a very minor one, feels very strange!

Hoo-boy–I’m going to attempt to tweet. It doesn’t come naturally to me, but writers I respect have urged me to give it a try. If you’re on Twitter, you can find me at emilycwinslow (that’s with a “c” for my middle initial).

Yes, I’m still working on the next book. I keep getting distracted by all this promotional stuff, though. Very hard to find balance.

Lastly, on this coming Sunday Gavin and I will be attending a day-school in crime scene investigation at a local manor house, Madingley Hall. I have no idea if this will be intensive and technical, or more a murder-mystery-party type thing. Should be fun either way!

This is a very exciting time, and intimidating and strange and overwhelming. Thanks for sharing it with me!

Emily Winslow
Delacorte Press / Random House
Hardcover, May 25th 2010 US / July 1st 2010 UK