I got sucked into GoodReads when my publisher did a giveaway of ARCs of my book. I watched every day to see how many people had registered for the giveaway. This kind of unhealthy obsession with numbers seems to be a stage all new authors pass through. Longtime pros eventually hit the stage of giving it up, but, to a debut author, numbers are crack.

I did notice something interesting: quite a few of my favorite books there have average ratings in the three-star range (out of five). These are some of my favorite books, by well-respected authors.

Really, I think it’s a good policy to assume that most books that sell widely will have wide responses to them. I have resolved to not let myself get caught up in readers reviews, and to steel myself to be happy with a 3 average or above (yes, of course I still hope for “above”).

Goodreads is one more place where readers can find me if they like. I’ve put up a bunch of my favorite books on my “bookshelf” there, so people can get a sense of my taste and reading history.

Are you on Goodreads, or Shelfari, or LibraryThing? Which would you recommend most, as a reader or writer?