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02/11/2010 11:04 AM

Hi all! Here’s the latest update to do with The Whole World. May 25th, the official launch date, isn’t too far away!

The text is now unchangeable, and I dare not look at it. I know I would find some error or infelicity that would make me crazy.

You can see my cover here at my website:
I have had my first online mention here, thanks to novelist Carla Buckley:

“Winslow writes exquisitely and with great honesty, each character picking up the narrative and adding his or her own complex history so the result is a rich, multi-layered tale. The imagery is compelling: you can see the cascade of paper snowflakes, the shine of lights in the wet English rain. I was well past the halfway mark before I realized that The Whole World is about much, much more than what happened to one young man in the middle of an ordinary day.”

(I did not correct her that it’s set in Cambridge, not Oxford. I’m sure that’s not the last time that mistake will come up!)

I gave my first endorsement, to The Vanishing of Katharina Linden, by Helen Grant
which comes out in the US this August. (Endorsements, sometimes also called blurbs, are those quotes of praise you see on book covers.)

Chances are, I’m too small-fry for her to bother using my quote on her cover or press materials, but I was delighted to be asked. I said:

“I rubbed my hands together in anticipation when gossipy old Frau Kessel revealed that Katharina Linden hadn’t been the first to disappear–“No,” she said. “I mean the *other* ones.” That’s where the engaging voice of The Vanishing of Katharina Linden fuses with thrilling plot. It’s a smart, subtle crime novel, narrated by a young girl living in a town where young girls disappear.”

I’ve handed in the first half of the *next* book, and it’s been officially “accepted” (which means I’ve been paid! yay!). It’s called “The Start of Everything” and is a sequel to The Whole World, also set in Cambridge. My editor said the most calming thing ever–that the new book’s first narrator is the best character I’ve created yet. That whooping and hollering you hear from my end isn’t celebration; it’s relief! Coming up with an “as good” second book is a tough trick, and I was worried out of my head whether I could manage it. At least now I can think that I’ve started one.

My June tour:

For the whole month of June, I’ll be visiting U.S. bookstores. I’ve chosen towns where I’ve lived or have strong connections. It was tough deciding to stick to the coasts mostly, but we’re traveling with the whole family, and including the middle of the country proved to be difficult. I’ve been cautioned by several pro authors, and my publicist, that bookstore events are tricky. It’s very difficult to get an audience. So I’m taking the attitude that this is a chance to celebrate with my friends, and treating the events like personal parties where it just so happens you can buy the book (and where strangers are absolutely welcome and encouranged, but not depended on).

Also, I’m limiting myself to one event per area, in the hope of having lots of people at one event rather than low turnout at multiple events. This means: I really hope you’ll come, and perhaps even bring a friend or two. Closer to the time, I’ll send out particular invitations.

My publicist is booking the exact dates, but this is how my travel plans are shaping up in general:
(And to all who are involved with this more intimately, like Mary and Mom and Victoria–I’ll be emailing you soon with more details and questions etc.)

June 3rd-5th Maplewood, New Jersey (near NYC–just a 40 minute train from Penn Station!)
June 7th-9th Hudson, OH
June 11th-12th Washington DC
June 14th-17th California Bay Area
June 19th-22nd Southern California
June 24th-29th Portsmouth NH (to my Maine and Massachusetts friends–this means you, too 🙂
June 30th-July 5 Westerly RI

If you live near any of the above areas, I hope I’ll see you at the event. If you have friends who like books, like mysteries, write, or just like coming to things, I hope you’ll consider inviting them.

If you’re part of a book club or writers’ group in any of the above areas, and would like me to meet with your group, I would love to! Please let me know.

If you have any connections to local media, I’d love to know.

If you know of any groups in the above areas who may be interested, please point me to them. I’m happy to give talks or do q-and-a or whatever suits. Any other ideas, let’s brainstorm!


The Whole World contains some swearing, some sexual interactions, and murder (but no gore). If that makes you uncomfortable, you don’t need to apologize or explain. I mention this because the content might affect who you wish to invite to an event or give the book to as a gift (or your choice of reading it yourself). I will add that none of the above is gratuitous.

*Thanks* to my wonderful US friends who have asked about pre-ordering on Amazon. I’m thrilled with however anyone wishes to buy The Whole World, and if you’ve pre-ordered or would like to, well, thanks! But, if you’re choosing from among several buying options, you might consider, closer to pub date, asking about The Whole World at your local bookstore, especially if it’s an independent bookstore. If your local bookseller knows you’re excited about it, they might get excited too.

To my UK friends: the UK edition is still a bit of a mystery. I’ll let you know when the dust has settled on those decisions. I can say that Heffer’s in Cambridge will be carrying it, whether as a US export or a seperate UK edition, and will be hosting an event (likely in May) where you can hear me read and buy signed copies. I’ll keep you updated.

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From “Envoy” by Billy Collins, a message to his just-published book:

"stay out as late as you like,
don't bother to call or write,
and talk to as many strangers as you can."