09/18/2009 12:04 PM

Well, this made me laugh:

Last night I was sent the draft of my flap copy, for my comments. “Flap copy” is the short plot description you see on the backs of paperbacks and the inside flaps of hardcovers. Obviously, the publisher wants to make their books look good, so marketing hyperbole is out in full force.
I know there is self-interest involved, and that these are not neutral compliments, as they would be from a reviewer or peer endorsement. Still–gosh! This is what Random House (well, my editor) is saying about me!

“Emily Winslow’s stunning debut novel heralds a writer readers will relish discovering–a master stylist with an impeccable sense of how past traumas can echo deep into a person’s future…. At once a sensual and irresistible mystery and a dark meditation on the damage we all bear, The Whole World marks the beginning of a brilliant literary career for this superb, limitlessly gifted author.”

Yowza. I was actually tempted to tone it down.